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Selle Repente Magnet

Rs. 23,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL The ultralight ultimate saddle for triathlon and TT. Repente was able to trim the weight down to 135 grams – creating the entire structure by autoclave processing, that ensures a...

Selle Repente Quasar

Rs. 11,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL Quasar, aesthetics and performance, combined Top-class materials and technologies for a saddle that weighs less than 170 grams, designed and developed by Repente on the basis of feedback...

Selle Repente Prime 2.0

Rs. 13,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL Just the PRIME, in the 2.0 version. The difference lies in the composition of the structural base, made with the LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology. WHY PRIME?...

Selle Repente Latus M

Rs. 20,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL LATUS M is a high-quality compact saddle for road and off-road cycling, comfortable and light, designed for both men and women. LATUS M is the saddle for...

Selle Repente Aleena 4.0

Rs. 28,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL The “featherweight” of padded seats   At just 139 grams (4.9 oz), ALEENA is the “featherweight” of padded seats. Compact and streamlined, it stands out for its...

Selle Repente Prime

Rs. 18,900.00

OVERVIEW SPECIFICATIONS ADDITIONAL The Tepex® dynalite range consists of multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics. The continuous fiber structure, fully consolidated with a thermoplastic polymer, provides the maximum...

Selle Repente Quasar CR

Rs. 18,900.00

Carbon rail and EVA padding: Quasar becomes ultralight Extra carbon fibre, extra light weight. Quasar CR is the ultralight version of this successful 142 mm saddle. What makes a difference compared to the standard model are the...